Philip White Architects is committed to the Hawaiʻi community, not only through our environmentally-conscious design practices, but through the practice of community outreach. We regularly donate our time and resources to the community here in Hawaiʻi by supporting non-profit, civic, and community-based organizations.

Our sustainability-centric outreach has led us to a number of exciting projects that we have been fortunate to be a part of, from school fairs to community-build events to gardening projects. Feel free to browse our various projects!


This year we put our efforts into co-organizing a community-build event for the annual Green Apple Day of Service to construct a rain garden at a local elementary school. Rain gardens are planted depressions in the landscape that collect running rain water and allow the water to percolate back into the ground. They are a natural and aesthetic way to control stormwater runoff, which helps keep pollution out of our streams and oceans and simultaneously renews the aquifers that sustain us. We had the fortune to collaborate with many organizations for this project, including USGBC Hawaiʻi, PBR HAWAII, Roth Ecological Design, Songscapes, Surfrider Foundation, and the dedicated staff at Hokulani Elementary School. Together we organized an event with over 100 volunteers to build the rain garden and beautify other areas of the campus, including their Native Hawaiian garden and their vegetable patch called the “Kinder-garden”. We all had a blast, and now the kids have a beautiful and educational example of sustainability as a part of their school.


As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we designed an exhibit for the 2011 Sustainability Fair at Punahou School. Our topic was “Stormwater Management” and included a hands on model illustrating how run-off affects the water in the ocean and ways we can reduce and filter the water, including green roofs and more planted area vs. concrete.


The playhouse design and construction was a collaborative effort between Philip White Architects and Paiea Millworks. The playhouse was constructed of recycled materials obtained from Re-use Hawaiʻi and other local distributers. It was donated to the Hawaii Nature Center and was auctioned at their annual fundraiser in 2011.


Philip White Architects worked together with Habitat for Humanity to develop plans as their new standard for upcoming projects. These two, three, and four bedroom homes were designed and permit sets prepared for each one. We also got our hands dirty, heading out to the job site and assisting with the construction including the framing and insulation.



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