At Philip White Architects, we believe that the profound influence of design shapes and enriches our island community. Our Honolulu-based architecture firm is dedicated to innovative, environmentally conscious design that embraces the way our clients live, work, and play.

Founded in 1984, Philip White Architects has developed a reputation for creating timelessly beautiful and functional spaces. Our design approach blends client collaboration with innovative technologies and gracious design – unified adeptly to support the ease, comfort and scale of the indoor-outdoor environments so intrinsic to the Hawaiian lifestyle. Long before “green building” became a national trend, we were designing buildings that work in harmony with the natural environment in Hawaiʻi.

As a result of this approach, Philip White Architects has been recognized with multiple design awards, demonstrating our ability to work closely with diverse clients and to integrate unique needs and desires to produce architecture appropriately suited to the style and demands of each project.

As one of the leading architectural firms in the state, the Philip White Architects team is client-centered, nimble, accessible, and responsive. By design, the company is small, but powerful. Team members are talented, bright, and hard working with a sincere passion for what they do, allowing the firm to deliver a high level of service and design excellence. To attract the best people, we invest in each member of our team, both professionally and personally, to ensure that they are able to find a balance in what they do every day.



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